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    Angular JS Uses

    Angular JS use in different sectors of the market. Here, we are providing a list of services of Angular JS with examples:

    • Travel Application
    • Weather Application
    • User-Generated Content Portals
    • Mobile Commerce
    • E-Commerce
    • Video Streaming Application
    • User Review Application
    Travel Application

    Travel application makes it easy to plan a trip. Now, in this world of technology, there is no need to go to a travel agent. One can do the same work on its own.

    Example – JetBlue’s application

    It is an application used for various purposes such as searching for a flight, changing the seat, booking a trip, cancelling a flight, and tracking flights.

    Weather Application

    To know about the weather, a weather application has been built. It can help us know about any place’s weather condition even by sitting far away from that place.

    Example– Weather.com

    Weather.com is a weather forecasting application that is built using angular.

    User-Generated Content Portals

    These are those portals in which user can upload their content on their own.

    Example – Freelancer.com

    It is a platform where employers can post their projects then interested freelancers bids for them. According to their interest, employers choose their freelancers and then pay freelancers as per their deal.

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    Angular provides a way through which an e-commerce website is easy to build.

    Now, anyone can easily buy a product or sell a product using an online service.

    Example – PayPal

    “Pay with PayPal, safe hai”. One can check out in the easiest and faster manner using PayPal, even if you shop outside India.

    Mobile Commerce

    Mobile commerce in short abbreviated as m-commerce. It provides a way to buy and sell goods through wireless devices such as mobile phones.

    Example – Mallzee

    It is a personal shopping application for buying goods. It allows people to browse a wide range of fashion brands over the world.

    Video Streaming Applications

    With the help of AngularJS, we can build applications for uploading and streaming videos.

    Example– Netflix, Youtube for Sony ps3

    User Review Applications

    Everyone wants to know about a service or product before using it to get familiar with what are they using, how it works, what are its advantages and disadvantages and other queries he/she wants to know about that product or service.

    There are various fields such as weather applications, travel applications, e-commerce websites, etc. We can use angular to build a website and even the most popular websites such as Netflix and Youtube. Therefore we can say that Angular JS make easy to perform the number of a task simply.

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