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    What is Angular JS?

    Angular JS is a framework of JavaScript. It can use HTML as a template language and can extend HTML’s sentence structure to state an application’s components plainly and briefly. Angular JS is an open-source JavaScript framework by Google to build web applications. It can be freely used, changed and shared by anyone. It works on the client-side.

    Google develops angular Js. It is an excellent framework for building single-phase applications and line of business applications. AngularJS is a platform for making dynamic web pages. It is a framework of javascript that is structural too. AngularJS is one of the parts of MEAN stack technology, nowadays very popular consist of four parts:

    • MongoDB which is a NoSQL database
    • Express.js which is the server of a web application
    • Angularjs for the front end part
    • Node.js used for back-end purpose
    The syntax of AngularJS looks like this:

    < div ng-app=" "> ……

    < /div>

    We know that div is an Html tag, but ng-app is a directive of Angular JS, which is used in div tag like an attribute.


    Angular JS is one of the most blooming technologies nowadays used in many apps and websites and by many companies, but Before learning Angular JS, you should have basic knowledge of HTML and JAVASCRIPT AngularJS works with HTML and JavaScript.

    Angular JS Versions

    Since variation becomes a part of today’s world, similar in technology daily, some up-gradation is taking place to introduce some new features to make it easier for a developer to code, making the technology more efficient and powerful.

    In this part of the AngularJS Tutorial, we will discuss all the versions of angular available till now:

    • Angular1
    • Angular2
    • Angular3
    • Angular4
    • Angular5
    • Angular6
    • Angular7
    • Its architecture is based on a model view controller developed for single page application.
    • It was introduced in 2016 to meet the needs.
    • Unlike angular1, its architecture is based on service/controller.
    • It comes with the feature of dynamic loading. It allows adding new directives and control.
    • It is developed but gets skipped, and angular4 was developed.
    • It was introduced in 2017.
    • It is compatible with angular2.
    • In this version, file size get improved to 60%.
    • It provides enhancements such as inbuilt Animation Package, ngTemplate, form Validator attributes etc.
    • It is an updated version of angular4.
    • It introduces build optimizer to discard the unnecessary code from an application.
    • There is an improvement in the angular compiler in this version of angular5
    • A static injector is presented in the place of a reflective injector to decrease the application file size.

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    Angular6 is the updated version of angular5. It comes with the following features:

    • It provides self-contained angular components and ngAngular Elements.
    • Command Line Interface (CLI) Workspace has been improved.
    • Library Support has been updated, such as typescript upgraded its version to 2.7 and RxJs upgraded its version to 6.0.0.
    • There is an enhancement in routing.
    • There is an up-gradation in forms.
    • In angular6, in reactive forms, if you are using form builder or form array, you can use as many validators as per requirement; there is no restriction on the number of validators one should use.
    • Ivy Rendered, a rendering engine used in angular6, makes its processing speed faster than other versions.

    It is the most updated version of angular till now.

    • Library support has been updated, such as typescript upgraded version to 3.1, and RxJs upgraded its version to 6.3.
    • It supports backward compatibility with nodev10.
    • For @output, error handling improves.
    • Angular CLI version has been updated to 7.0.2, which has some advanced features like built-in routing features.
    Benefits of AngularJS
    • AngularJS can bind data with HTML.
    • AngularJS provides Single Page Application (SPA).
    • Angular JS’s View is written in HTML, Controller is written in
    • JavaScript and Model is written in AngularJS. It is an MVC framework.
    • You can achieve more functionality with just a few lines of code.
    • AngularJS provides the reusability for codes and components.

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