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    AJAX in Django

    AJAX has now become an important part of web applications. AJAX also helped Django a lot to increase efficiency and save the time of users. All the popular services out there use it in some way or the other.

    Applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail, Google Maps, Spotify, etc cannot function without AJAX.

    You will have to deal with AJAX code at some point. Even Google search uses AJAX. You must have seen those predictions down the search bar while typing, those are AJAX generated results.

    AJAX in Django

    We talked about AJAX and how it is present in our web pages. Now, let’s learn why we need AJAX in Django. AJAX is an acronym of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.

    It is a mixture of technologies implemented to solve a very serious problem. It utilizes XMLHttpRequest objects to transmit and receive data.

    How AJAX works in Django

    AJAX is nothing but a combination of JavaScript and XHR object. The concept is simple:

    • JavaScript Code on the client –

      Side/ browser makes a request when an event occurs on the web page. The JavaScript code will generate an XHR object and is sent as a request object to the server. The XHR object contains some JavaScript data/ object.

    • The XHR object also contains the URL or name of the call-back function on server.
    • The request is handled by the server with a callback function –

      The appropriate view function or callback function handles the request. It will send a success or failure response. Since the request is asynchronous, the rest of the code executes without interruptions.

    • At that time, the server processes the request.
    • The response is received as success and failure –

      The success response can contain some server data in multiple formats like:

    1. Text Format

      Html Format (This contains HTML elements).

    2. JSON Format

      JSONP Format (It is JSON but only when the response comes from a different domain).

      Script (This contains some JavaScript to be changed in page).

    3. XML Format

      Similarly, a failure response can be formatted.

      The JavaScript will execute according to the response received –

      The AJAX routine will now execute according to data from the server. We can change the HTML elements or run some JavaScript. Many things are possible using it. The best example is Facebook’s like button.

      AJAX has multiple implementations but this is the common flow.

    Example of AJAX in Real World

    AJAX is very common in web applications. For example – when you like a post on LinkedIn, there are certain actions performed at the back-end but at the front-end, the color of Like button changes.

    When you clicked that button, an XHR object was sent to the server. The server receives the request and registers a like for that post. Then, the server sends a success response and the Like button turns to Blue

    Using jQuery for AJAX in Django

    jQuery is one of the most popular libraries of JavaScript. Many advanced frameworks like Angular JS, React, etc are based on jQuery. It is a very useful library providing functions with DOM of web pages. To use bootstrap’s JavaScript part, jQuery is essential.

    We are using jQuery for the following reasons:

    • AJAX implementation is different on multiple browsers

      There are many browsers which use different XHR APIs. These APIs parse request and response in a slightly different manner. Keeping your code up-to-date while also making it platform independent can be difficult. jQuery provides you with a built-in solution and takes care of all these things for you.

      Since jQuery is actively developed thus, the code is kept updated frequently.

    • jQuery provides a vast range of methods using DOM

      jQuery contains many DOM objects and related methods. These objects can be used as per your need and jQuery makes it more convenient to use.

    • jQuery is very popular

      jQuery is heavily used in the IT industry. For any web developer, they will deal with jQuery at some point. jQuery has many features and it will be an important skill for you in the long run.

    • jQuery is basic for many popular frameworks

      There are many popular frameworks like Angular Js, react js based on jQuery. Bootstrap JavaScript is also based on jQuery. jQuery is basically everywhere on JavaScript frameworks.

      These reasons are good enough for anyone to learn and use jQuery. There are more ways by which we can use AJAX in Django like, dajax, dajaxice, etc. These applications are made such that there is minimal JavaScript for AJAX.



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