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    To install tensorflow first you need to install python, so go to browser and type “python.org”.

    Go to downloads and click on windows. Make sure that you install the latest python i.e. 64-bit and are an executable installer. Let’s start installing it.

    – Make sure, you should check the following box and then click install now.

    Wait for some time and…

    Python installation is now complete. Click the close button then go to start, type command prompt, and open it.

    – To verify that your python is installed correctly, type “python” and click enter.

    It verifies that you installed it correctly. Let’s install the virtual environment by typing the following command-:

    “pip install virtualenv”

    Click enters. (Note-: before it quit python ())

    Now type command “pip install virtualenv” and press enter and wait for the process to end.

    Now, virtual environment installation is complete, now let’s install the tensorflow by typing the following command-:

    “Python –m pip install –upgrade tensorflow” and press enter.

    Wait for some time until setup is running-:

    Now installation is complete. So to verify that your installation is successful, Start python – “>python” and then type “import tensorflow” and then click enter.

    If any warning is there, then it is expected when your CPU doesn’t support then your CPU may not have graphics card, if your CPU has a graphic card, so install the software “cuda 10.1”, which is also shown in command prompt when you run above command. So don’t install latest version because tensorflow supports only till the version which will be shown in command prompt.

    – So install ‘cuda’ software by selecting options according to your windows.

    And then click on download button and start installing by open downloaded file.

    So after this, software will ready to install.

    After installing the software, type last command i.e. “>import tensorflow” again in command

    So it successfully opened the dynamic library. So installation process of tensorflow is completed.

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